Valentia Isolation August 2020

‘Valentia’ was my reply when the guard at Dublin port asked me where I was heading to? ‘it’s easy enough to isolate down there’ he told me as I handed him my passenger locator form.

He was, of course, dead right. A quieter place is hard to imagine…

My fourteen days of self-recluse as a true Billy-no-mates are now over. If I’m honest, a quite enjoyable experience. The local birds have never been so well fed. It would have been nice to have had our woof Bella along as usual, however because of the uncertainty of travel at the moment I decided against it. I had expected some communication from the guards: ‘how are you getting on John?’, all my contact details were included on the form… but no calls, texts, mail, not even a nonreply email.

Picture taken on Google Pixel 3a, slight edit in Snapseed.

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