Canary Wharf (The Colour of Money)

Canary Wharf (The Colour of Money) 2017-12-31T17:04:19+00:00

Project Description

Canary Wharf and its Manhattan-like skyline: motorists heading for the Blackwall tunnel along the A102 will recognise this sight, seen from the south side of the river Thames. The face of London’s much derided and troubled financial centre is very photogenic, and is now once again on the up. Building started in the late 1980’s when the area was redeveloped after the old West India docks closed. Some of the tallest buildings in the UK can be seen here.

I have previously photographed the wharf from this position near to the Millennium Dome (now the O2 Stadium), although it has never before looked so colourful. The setting sun, under an approaching dark cloud, provided some very nice lighting conditions before the inevitable cloudburst caused me to get back on my bike and head for cover.

On a previous occasion, I became aware of a small dog watching me out of the corner of my eye. When I turned to say hello, I realised that it was actually a fox. Sitting back on its haunches and patiently waiting for a treat, he lost interest when he saw I was holding a camera, and not a kebab!